Admission & Entrance

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  • 1. Methods:

    School website; WeChat : shnais; You can also schedule a meeting by phone for a one on one visit at number 021-32231766 or 17717630372

  • 2. Visit school in person:

    Parents are welcome to visit the school open day events or certain times agreed with the recruiting team. During your visit you can communicate with the principals, teaching staff, student affairs officers and other core management team members face to face. You can also tour the campus and see all the facilities that we offer.

  • 3. Admission materials:

    Applicants must submit the following materials to the admissions office:previous student transcript(s) (from 9th grade and higher), copy of identification documents (id card/student id card/passport), award certificates (if applicable) and IELTS /TOEFL scores (if available). The school conducts an overall assessment of the documents along with testing and interview scores to determine admission outcomes.

  • 4. Entrance examination + Interview:2.5 hours

    Written Test:English (60 minutes),Math (60 minutes)

    Bilingual Interview:to test students'comprehensive ability
    (30 minutes)

  • 5. Audit assessment:

    The assessment result will depend on school entrance exam, interview performance, submitted materials. Results will be released after 3 working days and admission notices will be issued to those who have reached the admission requirements. If the enrollment is full, the school will create a waiting list according to rank of candidate comprehensive performance.

  • 6. Final admission communication:

    After officially enrolled, applicants will be given a final interview by principal and student affairs office, to ensure the applicant has a clear study plan and academic goal.