The story of naiser, from the biochemical crisis to the fascinating codes and formulas


Man's duty is to have the courage to seek the truth. —— Copernicus

&ldquoIt demonstrates the whole evolution process of life on earth and how the complicated mechanism works. It is fascinating for me when I am able to interpret and grasp all of these magical codes.” 


I choose biology as my major mainly because of my interest from the childhood. In fact, I have shown my capability for science since I was a child. I began to learn Olympic mathematics at an early age, so my own science and engineering thinking was inspired significantly in that period of time, and high school knowledge was involved in ahead of time.


My indelible interest in biology was aroused after watching the movie " Resident Evil". I was absolutely shocked by the significant impacts that biology bring to the whole world. When I was in primary school and junior high school, my knowledge of biology was only limited to the text books and examinations, and there is no opportunity for me to study it systematically. However, after I came to NAIS, my high school, I found the biology taught here is particularly interesting, and I also met my favorite biology teacher here. Her patience and care that has been shown in her teaching played a crucial role in my biology learning.



After I entered the newly-built international school, I found my learning capability keeps growing. The reason why it occurs is not biology is easy, or my previous good English and biology foundation, but the strong interest and inspiration that I have obtained in biology. For this reason, I also did lots of self-study to extend my academic career. For example, I spent every summer in the laboratory instead of enjoying holiday. Last summer, I won a silver medal in an international biology competition--International Genetically Engineered Machine.




Biology for me is like an encyclopedia of life and organisms. It demonstrates the whole evolution process of life on earth and how the complicated mechanism works. It is fascinating for me when I am able to interpret and grasp all of these magical codes. Especially, Genetics, which I fondly call” the scalpel of God”, for I believe in the power of these amazing codes and formulas to induce change personally and globally.










“Looking back on my three years growing up in NAIS, I have never regretted my choice. As the first graduation class of Shanghai North America International school, I feel honored to establish many traditions for the school with my own efforts and cooperation with teachers and students.”



“Short-term confusion is not terrible, but don’t make it ignored, or eventually become a lifetime confusion.”


I have been preparing for university applications since I stepped into the school, from TOEFL to SAT, interspersed with various activities and competitions, then to the later personal essay’s writing and preparation of the final application. When I first entered this school, neither I nor my family knew anything about international education , I was very confused at that time. Like a headless fly, I had no direction. I had no idea what time I should start or finish what tasks. As a result, my learning and examination rhythm was a kind of mass. But fortunately, I and my family realized this problem sooner and found a serious and responsible college counselor to help me formulate learning plans and goals, helping me step on the right path step by step. In this case, finding a conscientious and professional college tutor will play a vital role in the university application process.



For the students who are about to apply, especially those who are confused about their future and do not know what major they are interested in, my advice is: Firstly, try something new in different fields and think about if your personality, strengths and weaknesses are suitable for such field and the future development trend of this field; secondly, seeking for the help of a serious and professional college mentor who is going to provide an indispensable guidance for future application; thirdly, don't start too many tasks at the same time, understanding which one is the most important, and properly move or abandon some tasks that are not the most prior at the moment in order to maximize your efficiency; fourthly, always thinking about your own advantages or characteristics that are different from others, and expanding them. In short, we must be responsible for our present and future. Short-term confusion is not terrible, but don’t let it be ignored, and eventually become a lifetime confusion.