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是什么让悬疑读物吸引读者爱不释手?解开迷案的时候需要推理解答每一个谜题吗?最近诺美学校ELA教师团队中的一员Dean 带领Foundation学生们以悬疑文学创作者的角度剖析了悬疑文学,学生以创意写作的形式进行了文学创作。

What makes mysteries appealing to readers? Do you need to solve every puzzle when solving the mystery? Recently Mr Dean, one of our the ELA teachers, led Foundation students to analyze mystery literature using literature circles, and students expored the genre of mystery writing as a form of creative writing.


课程名称 Course Title


Foundation ELA 是否所有悬疑都能解开答案?

Foundation ELA Can All Mysteries be Solved?


学习目标 Learning Target



What makes mystery readers keep turning the pages?


课程内容 Course Content



Course Content: In this project, students work in literature circles to read and analyze mysteries. Through group discussions, students construct a set of shared criteria for a highly effective mystery, and then work alone to write a mystery story based in NAIS that incorporate these elements.

老师教学总结反馈 Teacher's Comments


Students performed very well especially Jocelyn, Karina and Laura achieving over 95%. All students understood what a mystery is and that not all mysteries have to be solved. Students followed a standard pattern of introducing the mystery in the beginning, explaining the process of trying to solve the mystery in the middle and concluding with either solving the mystery or leaving it unsolved and up to the reader to decide. Students who wrote a crime mystery understood about having multiple suspects with different motives and opportunities to keep the reader guessing. Overall a great performance from Foundation. 


"Dream Network" by Jocelyn




Students' Perception & Achievement Presentation

Karina | Foundation


I had fun in both practicing my writing and being creative. I really liked this kind of creative writing project. 


“The Shadow That Eats” by Karina

Laura | Foundation


I liked this experience, and I learned how to write mystery stories.  I had a lot of fun doing this, I hope we can do it again.


"A Terrible Cat" by Teresa

Eric | Foundation


Yeah, there is lots of fun in Mr. Dean’s class, I learned a lot of about mysteries and learned some funny facts. It’s a funny class.


"The Mystery Under Chair" by Eric

Jocelyn | Foundation

太有意思了... 我认为这个项目非常有趣,也许将来我们可以再有机会创作类似的课题。

It was pretty fun... I think this project was interesting and maybe we could do something similar another time in the future.


"Theater Zombie" by Nini