550 余名观众聆听这场音乐盛宴


 Students on stage: 84

Students in ensemble: 53

Choral & Instrumental works: 15
Onsite Audiences: 550






摄影(排名不分先后): G10 Candy林佳莹;G10 Jack 姜俊高 G9 Phillips侯志扬;G12 Jimmy 张献瑞 剪辑:G10 Jack 姜俊高


图左林书宇Lucy Lin


Lucy Lin



I'm a member of the choir, a member of the dance club, a soloist. I have choir performances, solo performances, singing with instruments, and dance crossword performances. When I was participating in the concert. I felt very nervous, but also very excited, because it's very rare to have the opportunity to get on stage, which is also a kind of experience for me. Nikita helped me with the accompaniment, and Peter helped me with the composing.


图为胡淼Jerry Hu


Jerry Hu



I acted as a conductor during the concert. My piece of music is “Hark! The Hearld Angle Sings”. I felt very excited since I think music is the only effective way for me to relax myself from high-pressure of study. Also, the role of conductor enabled me to be more confident and less nervous. In my Music Performance Class, Mr. Nikita gave me some advice. For instance, he told me to unlock my arms when I conducted my piece of music. A great concert requires every single person in the ensemble to cooperate with each other. And through this grand concert, there are more opportunities for group works and trust between students.


图中下为黄邢劼James Huang


James Huang



I have one solo performance and I am also the main drummer for the whole concert. I also tried some new instruments such as xylophone, timpani and triangle. I have participated in school concerts since the very first one, so actually I treated these concerts as an important part of my school life. I took them seriously every time. I believe these concerts bring me so much confidence to be able to stand on the stage and perform, which is really important to me. I always improvise in my drum part without following the music score, so I do not need much help from teachers in this aspect, but Mr. Nikita helps me follow the conductor during the performance to avoid being too fast or too slow, and that allows me to keep the rhythm on the beat.





Nikita Mamedov, Ph.D





This year’s Holiday Concert Series features the most extensive repertoire in the school’s history. The concert contains soloists (both instrumentalists and singers,) two choirs, and an instrumental ensemble, as NAIS students – after two months of preparation – showcase their musicianship on the stage. Performances include classical, popular, and traditional works by composers all over the globe. From classical duets to popular band compositions, the music – along with students’ enthusiasm and artistic abilities – harvests a perfect holiday environment filled with joy and entertainment. These concert series allow the audience members to hear and appreciate the abundance of talent at NAIS. Concomitantly, the Christmas tree on the stage and the holiday spirit at the theater – the one which will transform itself into the Phantom’s soul in approximately five months – lets the listeners engulf themselves in two hours of magical performances. Some of the highlights include student conductors leading the school’s choir and ensemble, merging Eastern and Western instruments, students’ capabilities to combine electronic sounds with instrumental, and unique arrangements of various music literature designed explicitly for the NAIS ensemble. The innovatory nature of NAIS concerts does not stop here, as students not only lead the entire show through production and performance but likewise engage with non-performative components, including program notes creation, program construction, stage crew management, and lights/sound control.


——Nikita Mamedov, Ph.D.