Extracurricular Courses
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The Extracurricular course is based on the management principle of "teacher guidance, student center", allowing students to participate in large-scale campus events such as community projects, festivals, and student union organization projects, including planning, staffing, organizational coordination, program content scheduling, and bilingual hosting. Throughout the experience student self-confidence, creativity and independent critical thinking skills are cultivated.

Social activities

40+ Clubs are available for students to choose from, covering academic research, art, sports, and interest development:

  • Art

    Fine Arts, Music, Band, Dance, Stage Performance, Stage Support, etc.

  • Academic

    Simulation of the United Nations, Chinese History, World History, science, etc.

  • Languages

    Spanish, German, Chinese, etc.

  • Hobbies

    Baking, frisbee, handmade DIY, traditional Chinese crafts, movies, photography, gardening, volunteer projects, etc.

  • Sports

    Football, basketball, taekwondo, badminton, track and field, fitness, etc.

Campus Activities

Comprehensive classes are oriented with variety of campus activities, including: school opening and closing ceremonies, team building activities, concerts, theater festivals, campus bazaars, talent shows, poetry nights, debate contests, English week performances; Chinese, Western and other festivals, including Thanksgiving, New Year's Day, New Year's Day, Botanical Festival and Dragon Boat Festival.


Student Union Organization

The student union is elected at the beginning of the academic year. The organization includes a chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, finance, and activity coordination departments.
The union operates as a team development platform, students are self-governed and play a role of mutual assistance in the improvement and supervision of actives on campus.