Qualification & Certification authorization

  • College Board Council of American Universities AP Authorization and certification No(CEEB code):694144
  • Authorization and certification no. of Pearson Edwards test institution:92508
  • Authorization and Certificate No. of International Examination Committee of Cambridge University:CN428
  • School license No. of Minhang District Bureau of education of Shanghai:fellow believers 131011270001120
  • Shanghai Nais school has become a candidate school certified by NCA CAS, NWAC and SACS CASI

NAE is an educational company with a background in investments that focuses on the international curriculum, delivery at full-time schools and training centers. Established in November 2009, NAE has participated in the operation and cooperation of 7 international schools/ international curriculum.

Shanghai North America International School (NAIS) is a full-time, boarding, non-profit private school. NAIS is located in the hub of Minhang District. The buildings of NAIS cover an area of around 25,000m². The campus is fully equipped with a central classroom building, cafeteria, dormitories, gymnasium, and outside sports facilities. The campus has one of the best facilities in Shanghai.

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