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Dear parents and students,

Globalization has become an unstoppable trend! We have benefited a lot from the prosperity brought about by globalization, but at the same time we face various challenges, including environmental pollution, infectious diseases, ethnic conflicts and so on!

Globalization means the global integration of resources. The future belongs to those with bilingual or multilingual and cross-cultural communication abilities. They will be the drivers to help solve the challenges we face!

Globalization involves everyone so you will need a global vision and a strong sense of responsibility.

NAIS is committed to cultivate civilized, responsible world citizens, sound in body and mind who possess a Chinese heart and a global vision. At NAIS, students know love and gratitude; At NAIS students know beauty and elegance; At NAIS students receive a well-rounded education in academics, in morality and in abilities. NAIS prepares students to enter world-class universities where they will gain more possibilities of life on a broader stage! Students form NAIS are to be the inheritors and the mediators for Chinese culture, with the capabilities to go to the world and serve our motherland!

To ensure the teaching quality, NAIS is pursuing accreditation from Cognia (AdvancED) which requires first class facilities, international curriculum and teaching and leadership.. NAIS embraces the promise of quality education, the beauty of fusion of Chinese and western education. NAIS will work with parents, to help children make their dreams come true!

Headmaster——Frank Zhong

Operation Director——Joyce Fan