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Personalized University Planning

  • 1、A representative from the CCO will be assigned to the classes starting from grade 9, and follow up students' study and life for four years on a one-to-one basis in order to guide students to successfully complete the application and enter the desired university.

  • 2、Admission courses are available to the senior high school aiming to cultivate student independence in the university selection process. There is a class once a week to reinforce the motto that "I am responsible for my own application".

  • 3、The CCO’s network of universities is continuously growing to create strong connections to overseas universities.

  • 4、The CCO guides students to apply for universities from a variety of countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

  • 5、The CCO conducts one-on-one interviews with students to ensure a comprehensive understanding of each student’s goals (at least 2 rounds of one-on-one interviews with students every semester, excluding with the parents).

  • 6、The teaching department, the student affairs office, the activity center and the CCO team work together to support student university applications by providing documentation, recommendation letters, abundant extracurricular activity planning, various discipline competitions, community service projects, and more.